Storelectric CARES PCI

CARES - Compressed Air Renewable Energy Storage

Project of Common Interest in Cheshire, UK

Enabling renewables to power the grid

with large scale, long duration storage

European Ten Year Network Development Plan


The European Network Transmission Service Operators - Electricity (ENTSO-E) organisation set up by the European Commission has included Storelectric's CAES project in Cheshire (1x40MW plant and 1x500MW plant in a single project) in their Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP). This means that we are officially recognised as important infrastructure at a continental scale. We are applying for the next stage, which is full PCI approval.


Full PCI approval would, if and when granted, enable Storelectric to apply for funding from the €26bn Connecting Europe Facility, help gain access to other EU funding, and provide access to a single point of contact with a maximum 3.5-year period for all permits in any member state. Further projects could apply for PCI status in other Member States.


The two plants of the CARES project will be in separate companies / Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). The project promoter is Storelectric Ltd.


Projects of Common Interest are managed by the European Commission under TEN-E regulations.


CARES PCI Information Leaflet


Further details of the project can be found in this information leaflet:




A 500+40MW adiabatic Compressed Air Renewable Energy Storage project in Cheshire, UK, providing large scale and long duration (5 hours) energy storage efficiently and without emissions



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Project promoter: Storelectric Limited


Licensing the TES CAES technology from TES CAES Technology Limited


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